K-Meter 1.31.0

The new K-Meter v1.31.0 supports the LV2 plug-in format on Linux. I have also released experimental 64-bit binaries for Windows – although I personally don’t see any sense in that.

Dr. Martin Zuther – 29 May 2013

traKmeter released

Today, I have released a new VST plug-in called traKmeter. It’s a loudness meter for correctly setting up tracking and mixing levels (gain staging). Please tell me what you think about it!

Dr. Martin Zuther – 3 April 2013

K-Meter 1.30.0

Today I have released K-Meter v1.30.0 which now supports loudness metering according to ITU-R BS.1770-1. Many thanks to everyone involved!

Dr. Martin Zuther – 7 September 2012

K-Meter listed at KVR Audio

My VST plug-in K-Meter is currently in the news at KVR Audio. I feel a little proud!

Dr. Martin Zuther – 22 December 2010

Windows development discontinued

Today, the development of my old Windows applications has officially been discontinued. This includes the Winamp plug-in „gen_tbar“. Welcome to Linux …

Dr. Martin Zuther – 24 April 2008