Updates of K-Meter and traKmeter

I have just released K-Meter v2.2.0 and traKmeter v2.0.0. Most parts of the source code have completely been rewritten and should run faster while breaking less things. New features are WASAPI in the Windows stand-alones and support for skins. In traKmeter, operation of the signal meters has …

Dr. Martin Zuther – 28 December 2015

K-Meter 1.31.0

The new K-Meter v1.31.0 supports the LV2 plug-in format on Linux. I have also released experimental 64-bit binaries for Windows – although I personally don’t see any sense in that.

Dr. Martin Zuther – 29 May 2013

traKmeter released

Today, I have released a new VST plug-in called traKmeter. It’s a loudness meter for correctly setting up tracking and mixing levels (gain staging). Please tell me what you think about it!

Dr. Martin Zuther – 3 April 2013

K-Meter 1.30.0

Today I have released K-Meter v1.30.0 which now supports loudness metering according to ITU-R BS.1770-1. Many thanks to everyone involved!

Dr. Martin Zuther – 7 September 2012

K-Meter listed at KVR Audio

My VST plug-in K-Meter is currently in the news at KVR Audio. I feel a little proud!

Dr. Martin Zuther – 22 December 2010

Windows development discontinued

Today, the development of my old Windows applications has officially been discontinued. This includes the Winamp plug-in „gen_tbar“. Welcome to Linux …

Dr. Martin Zuther – 24 April 2008